At Cornell Concrete Constructions, our team is built on experience, expertise and a passion for our work. Our Earthworks, Concreting, Supervision and Maintenance teams all work cohesively to provide our customers with an experience and product like no other.



Our team of Earthworks crews are the first to be involved in the slab production process. With the qualifications and ability to complete jobs ranging from scrapping and cleaning sites to drilling piers and setting up bases. The Earthworks division is equipped to complete any challenge that may arise on site. Our teams adhere to all Occupational Health & Safety guidelines, possess Red/White Cards, equip themselves with high visibility/protective clothing, and maintain our vehicles regularly. The Earthworks crews are also experienced to pre-empt and address potential hazards to minimise the risks of being on a work site.


Supervision & Quality Control

With over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, our Supervision and Quality Control division are required to attend all sites to ensure that work is progressing smoothly, as well as liaise with your building supervisors. They possess the ability to maintain all stages of your build from the ground up, communicate fluently between all individuals connected to our builds, follow the strict Occupational Health & Safety guidelines, and are also equipped with Red/White Cards. Our Supervision and Quality Control division pride themselves on ensuring that every stage of production is completed to the highest standards with minimal disruption to the overall build process.



Utilising the capacity of our 12 concreting crew, we are capable of producing up to 30 quality slabs per week. These specialised crews oversee the form work, steel installation, waffle pod installation, concrete pouring, and finally the finish of the slab. All concrete crews hold Red/White cards, and undertake training regularly to keep updated with the changing requirements of the industry. Our concreters’ pride themselves on their high quality slabs, respect towards the neighbouring properties, the cleanliness of their sites, and a positive team attitude. These qualities have assisted Cornell to become an industry leader.



Our team of dedicated Maintenance officers are ready to assist you with any issues that we may encounter during your project. Our Maintenance team bring a wealth of expertise to each project site, are equipped to handle any issues on site and ensure that they are respectful, clean and bring a positive attitude to every project they attend. We offer a turnaround time frame of 72 hours from rectification being lodged and completed, and our Maintenance team strive to deliver repairs of the highest quality.



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